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 RTI - Chap-04 : {Section 4(1)(b)(iii)

The procedure being followed by the Academy is as follows:

Any representation on paper received in the Academy is numbered as entered in Personal Register of concerned Junior Assistant dealing with the subject who in turn submits the file to Superintendent. After his examination file is put up to the Director/Secretary.

Usually, the Academy implements certain schemes on annual basis which are meant for promotion and development of Urdu language and literature. In certain cases, committees consisting of the members of Board of Governors of Urdu Academy or men of letters are formed to decide and finalise the schemes for their implementation

The Service matters are being settled with the joint decision of the President and the Director of the Academy, and if necessary the proposals are placed before the Board of Governors for approval.

In regard to Legal matters and the matters requiring interpretation of law, the Lawyers are engaged, and if necessary, legal opinion is requisitioned from the Law Department through proper channel.

In regard to matters having financial implications, the Finance Department is being consulted through proper channel.