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 RTI - Chap-03 : {Section 4(1)(b)(ii)}

(ii) The powers and duties of officers and employees


He is the official head of the Academy. As per Bye-law (4) of the Academy, “the Director of the Academy shall be the Chief Executive Officer of the Academy and shall be responsible to discharge the duties assigned to him by the Rules of the Urdu Academy.” He exercises general supervision and control over the staff under him and is responsible to see that the members of the staff under him discharge the work allotted to them efficiently and expeditiously.


He exercises control over the Sections placed in his charge both in regard to dispatch of business, and in regard to efficient administration. He is general in charge of office matters and procedure as a whole. He deals with contingent expenditure, drawal of pay bills, etc. and controls the Last Grade employees.

3.Senior Assistant:

He is in charge of a Section in the Office. He is responsible for all files relating to the subject allotted to him. He directly responsible to the officers under whom he works for efficient and expeditious dispatch of business at all stages.

4.Senior Steno

He deals with the general correspondence, attend to the dictation and typing works, apart from the work allotted to him from time to time.

5.Junior Assistant:

His main duties are to draft and reference the communications properly and deal with the cases relating his seat in the section efficiently and expeditiously. He maintains Personal Registers, Reminder diary, Call Books, periodicals and other relevant registers.