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 Right to Information

Chapter No. Title Section No Details
1Introduction{Section 4 (1)}View Details

 Organisation and Function

Chapter No. Title Section No Details
2Organisation, Functions and Duties{Section 4(1)(b)(i)}View Details
3Powers and duties of officers and employees{Section 4(1)(b)(ii)}View Details
4Procedure followed in decision-making process{Section 4(1)(b)(iii)View Details
5Norms set for discharge of functions{Section 4(1)(b)(iv)}View Details
6Rules, regulations, instructions, manual and records, for discharging functions{Section 4(1)(b)(v) & (vi)}View Details
7Categories of documents held by the public authority under its control{Section 4(1)(b)v(i)}View Details
8Arrangements for consultation with or representation by the members of the public in relation to the formulation of policy or implementation thereof{Section 4(1)(b)viii}View Details
9Boards, councils, committees and other bodies constituted as part of public authority{Section 4(1)(b)v(iii)}View Details
10Directory of officers and employees{Section 4 (1)(b)(ix)}View Details
11Monthly remuneration received by officers and employees, including the system of compensation as provided in regulations{Section 4(1)(b)(x)}View Details